BENGALURU, KARNATAKA:  Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy today took oath against the backdrop of Karnataka's imposing Vidhan Soudha in the presence of more than a dozen non-BJP leaders from across the country.

The effective strength of the house is 221, so the majority is 111. The BJP, with 103, needs 8 for a majority. The Congress-JDS combine claims 115 votes.

There are many ways in which the BJP can pull off a win in today's cliffhanger. Here are five of those scenarios. In Options 1 and 2, the "turncoat" lawmakers risk being disqualified under the anti-defection law. But in several states, that process of disqualification can drag on for years.

Option 1: The BJP gets Congress-JDS lawmakers to defy the party whip and vote in its favour.

Option 2: The BJP gets opposition lawmakers to abstain from voting, thereby bringing down the effective strength of the house and the majority mark; the majority is decided on those present and voting, not the strength of house, according to Mr Kashyap.

Option 3: The BJP persuades opposition lawmakers to stay away. Their absence will again bring down the effective strength without the risk of punishment.

Option 4: The ruling party persuades opposition legislators to resign. But Mr Kashyap says this is risky as there is no automatic acceptance of resignation in some states. The speaker has to investigate.

Option 5: The party or group that senses defeat disrupts the assembly and forces an adjournment.

If the BJP fails to make it, Mr Yeddyurappa has to resign and the Governor will invite the other group to prove their majority.

Like every big development, the Karnataka political drama has also inspired many social media jokes, memes and WhatsApp messages. One of them featured in today's Supreme Court hearing, in which BJP's BS Yeddyurappa was ordered to take a trust vote by 4 pm on Saturday.

It was brought up by one of the three judges hearing the Congress petition challenging the governor's decision to invite Mr Yeddyurappa to form government.

Justice AK Sikri, who was heading the bench, wrapped up a tense hearing by referring lightly to a WhatsApp forward.

"We are getting a WhatsApp message which saysthe hotel owner saying he has 116 MLAs, make me the CM," Justice Sikri commented.

The joke goes something like this: " Hello, is this the Governor's office?"


"I have got 113 MLAs with me. Will you make me the CM (Chief Minister)?"

"Who is this?"

"I am the owner of the Hotel where they are hidden."

The joke refers to the Eagleton Resort in Bengaluru, where the Congress put up its lawmakers yesterday to sequester them from possible attempts to bribe or threaten them into switching sides.

The BJP won 104 seats, eight short of the majority mark of 112, in the Karnataka election results on Tuesday. A day later, Governor Vajubhai Vala decided to invite the BJP, as single largest party, instead of the Congress-Janata Dal Secular combine, which has 116 lawmakers.

The Congress challenged the decision the same night, which led to a historic all-night Supreme Court hearing. The court did not stop Mr Yeddyurappa's swearing in but said it would continue the hearing. Today, the judges reduced the 15-day period that Mr Yeddyurappa was given to prove his majority.

NEW DELHI:  The BJP's BS Yeddyurappa, who was sworn in yesterday as Chief Minister of a minority government in Karnataka, has to prove his majority at 4 pm tomorrow, the Supreme Court said today, drastically slashing to 24 hours the time he has to rack up numbers.

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