As Karnataka began voting today in an election that many predict will be a close fight, BS Yeddyurappa,

the presumptive chief minister of the BJP, expressed confidence that he would form the new government on May 17 after an emphatic victory. Mr Yeddyurappa is the BJP candidate from Shikaripura. As he spoke to reporters after casting his vote early, he laid out a "post-win" sked.

"I will fly to Delhi on the 15th once the results for Karnataka elections are announced and meet Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi. I will invite him and others for the swearing in ceremony which is going to happen most likely on the 17th," he declared.

He also projected that his party would win between 145 and 150 seats in the 224-member assembly. Two of the seats are not voting today.'"I have toured the entire state three times and am 100% confident that we will win by a big margin. You all will see for yourselves this evening what the exit polls say," said the former chief minister, adding that the people were fed up of the Congress government of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

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